I'm an oil painter that lives and works in Chicago. When I'm not painting, I'm working – also creatively – as a designer and programmer, for a variety of clientele.

I work on several different types of paintings but the series featured on this website is called "Bubbles & Blurs". 

These paintings combine my interests in a number of different eras, styles, artists and even technology. Early cubism is, of course, an influence, with the obvious exception that I break the images apart with circles rather than angular shapes. Additionally, I've always been impressed by artists like Chuck Close and David Hockney. Where I differ from these artists is my use of more expressive subject matter, which comes from my interest in the work of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque figurative pieces, and also in my choice to paint more representational imagery within each fractured section. The pieces I call "blurs" are an extension of that idea, but with the use of painterly obscuring of some parts of the image with a more sharply-rendered plane of focus for other parts. I like to create paintings that feel modern but incorporate aspects of these earlier works' color palettes and flowing compositions.